I’m going to be a father. It’s something that at times I still can’t get my head around. It’s an entire life-changing event.. My whole world is going to be turned upside down in an instant. Insert another life-changing cliche here.

The simple fact of the matter is come May, I’m going to be responsible for another life. Bop is going to be personified in a way that will completely change our outlook on life for its duration. Bop will cease to be Bop. Bop will then take on the name that we’ve chosen for him or her, and the only reminder will be the “bop” letters that I’ve been making over the last week. It will be a visual memory of what we called our son or daughter while they were still in utero.

I get asked every now and then both where Bop comes from, and if Bop is going to hang around after they’re born. Thankfully the question that hasn’t been asked is whether Bop is actually the name we’re giving the baby – my patronising look has been spared, and is still safely looked away. I’d like to think that people would think we’d have a bit more understanding and thought for our child’s future than to land them in life having to explain their name at every turn.

Bop came about after an original name for our still-unborn baby was considered, almost put into practice, and then slightly changed to become Bop. And no, I’m not going to either confirm or deny what the other name was. That one will remain locked up. As for the name sticking around once our baby is breathing on its own, I don’t see it hanging around at all.

Before our housemate’s son was born, he was known to one and all as Rocky. Short for Rock Monster. Rocky was all we knew the ever-growing bump as, and I for one thought that I would struggle to make the transition from Rocky to whatever his name was actually going to be. And if I hadn’t lived through the same thing with their son, I may not have been so happy to bandy around the name Bop. Once Rocky was born, it was a non-issue. I think perhaps once my tongue slipped, within 3 or 4 hours of his birth, and I called him Rocky. But even that felt weird, as if I’d called him by his wrong name – which I clearly had. As soon as he was born, and we were informed of his name, the shift in my mind was instantaneous. And so I’m not worried about Bop being called Bop after they come out.

That said, I’m glad I made the letters. They’re lowercase, painted black with a glossy clear coat. And while initially there was some debate as to whether they were going to be wall-mounted or shelf-sat, I’m glad they’re going to be in our kid’s room. A reminder of the journey that this is. And of the hilarious times we had watching him or her kick and make Beth’s stomach move.

2 Responses to “Bop

  • Turtle
    9 years ago

    This. is. beautiful.

    Bless to you 3.

  • Drew had a time wrapping his head around becoming a father also, so rest assured your not alone in this, its something all new Dads go through to some extent!

    You will be a great Dad!

    Being a parent is really the best feeling in the word, and when your little one is born you will want to shout it from the roof tops, I dont think theres ever been a prouder moment in our life!

    You have so much to look forward to! I am very excited for you and Beth 🙂

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