I Blinked


I blinked. That’s all that seems to have happened, but I did what so many people will tell you – blink and you miss it. The baby who I see in the most recent previous entry is far gone, replaced with a talking, reasoning, climbing, running, counting, singing, iDevice-using little man who we share our life with.

I can’t seem to work out where the last two and a half years have gone. As I read through some old posts, after being reminded of this oft-neglected corner of the internet, it is truly amazing what has changed in that time. While I still work for the same employer, my work is so vastly different. We’ve farewelled our housemates of five years ¬†when they moved with their boys and dog to the other end of the country. We’ve moved house, moved church, changed cars, and changed lifestyles. But to see that baby smiling up from a couch, compared to the boy who will carry his dishes to the kitchen and get his own frozen yoghurt icy pole when dinner is finished, it seems like only a blink has gone by.

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