This Gift

I often spend time wondering just what has happened to some of the gifts and skills I’ve been given. While I don’t shoot a whole lot anymore, I do still have the longing and desire to be creating images.

I miss the days of going out on assignment, meeting people and taking their portraits. With the shutdown of the magazine we used to print, the only chance I really get to be on the road creating frames is once a year when the new batch of candidates are announced for their ordination. Even then, it’s a run-and-gun portrait shoot bouncing between white seamless and an outdoor setting, without the chance to take a breath, look and build a photo from concept up.

I’ve been blessed with a kid who is starting to come around to being in front of the lens, and will happily let me fire off photos when I’m testing lighting, fixing gear, or even just scratching the photo itch if it has been too long. Today, it was all about fixing a couple of umbrella brackets, which eventually turned into a test for an as-quick-as-possible single light setup.

He was willing. He still just needs to remember to open his eyes when he smiles.

This is what happens when you ask him to smile

It’s got me dreaming and planning about making a series of these of people we know, and building a wall of faces. At the very least, there’s a couple of portraits I want to take in the next few months before time gets away too much. I want to use the skills and desire I have to gift people with a decent portrait of themselves if I can. So if you want in, let me know!

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